Which includes the slate top, the cushions and the bed. We even have a wide range of coloured cloths to choose from, both locally manufactured and imported.


The removal of cushions, pocket plates, frames and more, in the event that you need to replace tiles or carpets.
In the event that you need to move your table to a new location we are fully equipped to strip, move and then re-erect your billiards table at its new location. Obviously this process is conducted by professionals and every conceivable step is taken to ensure that your table is properly protected throughout the move.
Over and above all this we also provide table refurbishment and levelling to keep your game up to scratch, and your table looking like new for years to come.

Strip and Move

Strip and move entails us dismantling your table and moving it to a desired location of your choice.

Strip, Move and Store

We offer to strip and move your table to a storage facility of your choice or you can take up our offer of storing the table for you. If the table is being transported it will be packed accordingly, for the best protection during transport.

Strip, Move and Erect

Strip move and erect is the term usually used to describe the dismantling of a table in one place, moving or transporting to another position and again assembling of the table to professional standards. Ready to play.

If the table is being transported it will be packed accordingly, for the best protection during transport.

It is important to keep in mind that this procedure is required even if the table is being moved from one room to another or from house to house. When moving a table from one location to another it is vital to insure that the measurement of the destination room has been taken correctly as the size of a room is essential to the playability of the table.

Table leveling

Table leveling is to insure that the slate bed of a table is level to maintain a true line while playing on the table. This is something that is required on all tables.

Pool tables in public use are often bumped and moved which can easily cause the table to become unleveled. This is why periodic maintenance and leveling is vital for the enjoyment of the game.

With snooker tables leveling becomes a little more involved. However due to the size and weight the leveling of these tables they generally last longer.


With a snooker table there are a number of things that can be refurbished. For example the woodwork of the table can have its varnish removed, it will then be resealed, stained and re-varnished to the finish of the customers choice, mat, gloss or satin.

Refurbishing can include the bed and cushion cloth being replaced, as well as the the pocket nets, rails and leathers. We can even refurbish a light shade. Not forgetting the cues and rest feet on the spiders.